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A major European initiative in hibernation research

PhD student, Vebjørn (to the right), and his supervisors, Shona Wood (UiT), Valerie Simonnaux (INCI, Strasbourg) and David Hazlerigg (UiT). A team that bring together complementary skills.

Recently Shona Wood, David Hazlerigg and Vebjørn Jacobsen Melum travelled to the University of Strasbourg, France, where they met Valerie Simonnaux to plan and prepare Vebjørn` s PhD project. The projects focus will be to unravel parts of the intriguing hibernation biology seen in Syrian hamsters. In addition, we will investigate the effect of maternal photoperiodic programing on tanycytic gene expression in Siberian hamsters. Funding is ensured through Tromsø forsknings stiftelse (TFS), Fond de Paul Mandel and Aurora mobility grant (NRC). The animal facilities that are available in Strasbourg creates an invaluable framework for the project. This project brings together complementary skills from both UiT and Strasbourg in neuroscience, seasonal timekeeping and epigenetics. Vebjørn is looking forward …

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