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PhD: Role of tanycytes in seasonal time-keeping – now taking applications

This is an international PhD project to focus on the hypothesis that epigenetic timing mechanisms in hypothalamic tanycytes generate internal calendar time in mammals. The project will bring together complementary skills in developmental chronobiology (Simonneaux, INCI – see Saenz de Miera et al, 2017 PNAS), and in epigenetic regulation (Wood, UiT, Norway – see Wood et al, 2015 Current Biology, and Genome Biology).

We will focus on our recently established rodent models for seasonal time-keeping and two seasonal adaptive programmes; maternal photoperiodic programming (MPP) and hibernation. We will define how MPP affects the development of the hypothalamo-pituitary axis and how this subsequently programs through epigenetic modifications somatic and reproductive development of the offspring.

We are particularly interested in the hypothesis that tanycytes are epigenetic calendar cells timing torpor and arousal in hibernation. Therefore, by contrasting these two seasonal adaptive programm…

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