Doctoral theses from our research group

Dr. scient./Ph.D.
  1. STRIBERNY, A. (2018) Feeding and fasting in Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus (Linnaeus, 1758)): Central regulation of food intake in a highly seasonal fish species.
  2. SALGADO FLORES, A. (2017) Gut metagenomics in relation to diet and methanogens in arctic herbivores.
  3. GEISELER, S.G. (2016) Breathtaking brains – intrinsic neural adaptations to hypoxia.
  4. PRÆSTENG, K.E. (2012) Genetic identification and ruminal dosing of cellulolytic bacteria to reindeer in search of a future probiotic.
  5. GLAD, T. (2011) Antimicrobial resistance and bacterial diversity in Arctic environments.
  6. LUDVIGSEN, S. (2009) Neuronal hypoxia tolerance in diving endotherms.
  7. VAN OORT, B.E.H. (2008) Environmental control of biological rhythms in Arctic reindeer: Physiological adaptation to continuous darkness and continuous light.
  8. AARSETH, J.J. (2004) Pineal gland and melatonin in arctic seals: A hormonal system primarily of fetal importance. 
  9. STOREHEIER, P.V. (2003) Food intake and forage utilisation in reindeer during winter. 
  10. EILERTSEN, S.M. (2002) Utilization of abandoned coastal meadows in northern Norway by reindeer. 
  11. REIERTH, E. (2001) Adaptation to arctic light conditions. Shedding light on the chronobiology of an arctic resident; the Svalbard ptarmigan. 
  12. GOTAAS, G. (2000) Energy expenditure in reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus). 
  13. CABANAC, A.J. (1998) The structure and function of the spleen in relation to diving in seals. 
  14. MÅRTENSSON, P.E. (1998) Aspects of digestibility and energy assimilation in marine mammals. 
  15. SØRMO, W. (1998) Interactions between the function of the digestive system and the pasture plants in reindeer. 
  16. KVADSHEIM, P.H. (1998) Blubber as insulation. A study of heat blance in harp seals (Phoca groenlandica) and minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata).
  17. UTSI AAGNES, T.H. (1998) Digestive strategies in reindeer in winter (Rangifer tarandus tarandus). 
  18. LINDGÅRD, K. (1996) Body mass regulation and response to food deprivation in Svalbard ptarmigan. 
  19. JØRGENSEN, E. (1985) Effects of climate on growth and survival in willow ptarmigan chicks. 

    Dr. philos.
  1. OLSEN, M.A. (2000) Microbial digestion in reindeer and minke whales. 
  2. MATHIESEN, S.D. (1999) Comparative aspects of digestion in reindeer. 
  3. GABRIELSEN, G.W. (1994) Energy expenditure in arctic seabirds. 
  4. TØIEN, Ø. (1993) Thermoregulation in incubating birds. 
  5. NORDØY, E.S. (1992) Fasting in seal pups. 
  6. FOLKOW, L.P. (1992) Aspects of thermoregulation in terrestrial and aquatic arctic mammals. 
  7. JOHNSEN, H.K. (1988) Nasal heat exchange. 
  8. PARKER, H. (1986) The significance of renesting and hooded crow removal for willow ptarmigan reproduction and management. 
  9. MORTENSEN, A. (1985) Survival of the fattest. Life strategies of Ptarmigans, with special reference to the energetics of Svalbard Ptarmigan (Lagpus mutus hyperboreus). 
  10. LARSEN, T.S. (1985) Regulatory aspects of adipose tissue metabolism in reindeer - seasonal interactions. 
  11. HANSSEN, I. (1984) Studies on nutrition and mortality in captive willow ptarmigan (Lagpus lagopus lagopus). 
  12. NILSSEN, K.J. (1984) Factors affecting energy expenditure in reindeer. 
  13. MYHRE, G. (1983) The biopsychology of behaviour in captive willow ptarmigan. 
  14. STOKKAN, K.A. (1982) Seasonal breeding in willow ptarmigan. 
  15. ALLEN, H.M. (1980) Parent-offspring interactions in willow grouse (Lagopus I. lagopus). 
  16. HOVE, K. (1978) Studies on plasma insulin concentrations and some aspects of insulin actions in domestic ruminants. 
  17. MYHRE, K. (1978) Aspects of temperature regulation - Environmental interactions. 
  18. AULIE, A. (1976) The pectoral muscles as thermogenic and flight organs in birds. 
  19. BLIX, A.S. (1975) The elicitation and regulation of the cardiovascular responses to diving.

Dr. Samuel Geiseler 2016 with his supervisors Prof. Lars Folkow and Dr. Nicole Damal-Czech, and his evaluation Committee Prof. Kelly L. Drew, Prof. Linda H. Bergersen, and Associate Professoer Vegard H. Brun, Helsefak. The defence was led by Prof. Monica Alterskjær Sundset, Vice Dean of Education.

Dr. Kirsti E. Præsteng 2012 with her supervisors Prof. Monica Alterskjær Sundset and Prof. Svein D. Mathiesen, and her evaluation Committee Prof Jamie Newbold, Dr. Liv Torunn Mydland and Prof. Karl-Arne Stokkan. The defence was led by Prof. Edel O. Elvevoll, Dean.