About us

A Svalbard ptarmigan chick in the safe hands of our colleague Dr. Gabi Wagner. Photo taken by Ida-Helene Sivertsen.

The Research Group Arctic Chronobiology and Physiology at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway, studies physiological adaptations to life at high latitudes in Arctic / subarctic fish, birds and mammals, and their tolerance to climatic and other changes to their environment

Our research is curiosity-driven and aims to understand the physiological mechanisms that enable fish, birds and mammals to cope with the large seasonal variations in climatic conditions, light-darkness cycles (photoperiod), food availability and quality that are characteristic of high latitudes. This research also involves studies of physiological adaptations to diving and tolerance to lack of oxygen in aquatic birds and mammals.

Our methodology spans from state-of-the-art molecular techniques to whole-animal integrative research, taking advantage of excellent research animal facilities both for fish, wild birds and mammals, of well-equipped specialized laboratories, and of the good opportunities for field research that our geographical location and infrastructure in Tromsø offer.

Svalbard ptarmigans in summer and winter plomages. Photo: Ida-Helene Sivertsen.