Monica A Sundset appointed merited teacher

From the left: Vice-Rector of Education and Quality Wenche Jakobsen, the merited teachers Monica Alterskjær Sundset og Ragnhild Rensaa, and rector Anne Husebekk.
Photo: UiT/David Jensen.

Two new merited teachers were recently appointed at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway: Prof Monica Alterskjær Sundset from our research group, and Prof. Ragnhild Johanne Rensaa from the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology in Narvik. Congratulations!

In total, 15 teachers have been merited so far at our university, including the six first appointed merited teachers in 2017, and the seven appointed in 2018. The project on pedagogical meriting / qualification was established by the University Board in 2016.

The meriting system is a scientific approach to teaching. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) aim to improve student learning and enhance educational quality through systematic and evidence-based studies. SoTL can be developed through commitment to peer-review and appropriate public dissemination - advancing the field of teaching and learning to build collective knowledge and ongoing improvement. Applicants must develop a digital Teaching Portfolio including their pedagogical CV with documentation of their peadogical training and educational leadership, pedagogical philosophy and research projects.

Applications are peer reviewed, and the Portfolios / Applications of merited teachers published on line according to the principles of SoTL:

Link to Monica A Sundset's Teaching Portfolio / Application.

More on the UiT meriting system:
Sandvoll R, Winka K, Allern M (2018) Merittering som vitenskapelig tilnærming til undervisning. UniPed 03 (41)